We Teach the Building Blocks of Inner-Fitness

Learn the inner success tools and strategies to excel in peak performance environments

The Inner-Fitness DNA approach combines the art and science of mindfulness(in-action), along with cutting edge research from the fields of human performance and flow psychology. In addition, the experience is informed by our coaches very own research ranging from diverse fields as philosophy of mind, innovation and creativity, to mindful-leadership.

Inner-Fitness DNA Workshop @ Google - Singapore

The Inner-Fitness Workshop

This is our flagship program. The same program we have taught to leading organizations around the world. Great for teams, or a groups of people wanting to learn the keys to unlocking their inner-fitness.

  • 3hr Workshop
  • Designed for anyone
  • Includes the DNA of Inner-Fitness workbook
  • Host us anywhere in the world. We will come to you

“I’ve done many courses about mindfulness and meditation, but I was amazed by Rodney’s different approach. It’s a very practical training directly applicable in daily life. Thank you for all the tools and techniques. I recommend anybody to take this course: newcomers to Mindfulness as this is very enjoyable as well as more advanced mindfulness practitioners to discover a new path.”

Thomas Bossy, Google, Finance

Inner-Fitness One-on-One

If you are looking to supercharge your personal ability to manage peak performance environments in your work, or gain more flow in life or your sport – then our one-on-one option is the choice for you.

  • Get to co-create your experience with your coach
  • Focus on what you most need to work on
  • Complete as little as one session, or book multiple sessions
  • Fantastic as a follow up, or refresher after the Inner-Fitness DNA workshop experience

Inner-Fitness DNA Retreat

Get away from the familiar, explore outside the box and offer your team a life changing experience. We take bookings all year round. 

  • Held over 4-days at our Retreat in Rayong, Thailand
  • Includes onsite accommodation and breakfast (lunch and dinner can be accommodated too)
  • Fully equipped training space for the Inner-Fitness DNA experience onsite
  • 5-minutes from the beach and the best seafood in Thailand


Our lead coach, Rodney King spent close on several years researching what it takes to be a Mindful-Leader. We believe this is the leadership approach of the future. If you want yourself or your leadership teamto learn about the building blocks of leading mindfully, then this is the experience for you.

  • a practical experience, where leaders learn to be mindful in real time
  • Presents a deep understanding of the principles of leading mindfully, based on several years of research
  • Sharing his life's story from being homeless to creating and leading two international brands, Rodney shares personal insights into the successful implementation of a mindful leadership strategy

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