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The 'Why' of Work is Changing

"Why do we obsess over action strategies
rather than look at our state of being?"

Peter Senge - Author of the Fifth Discipline

Our work environments continue to become increasingly complex, fast-paced, and stressful. Although it is clear that this will likely not change anytime soon, are we waking up to what Peter Senge argues above? It may be in the end, the only way to successfully navigate the relentless pace of progress.

We believe that people have realized that their health, their state of being — is increasingly undermined in the modern business world. We are not surprised then to see the proliferation of inner-management approaches such as mindfulness and others — becoming increasingly popular in the organizational space. People are looking for ways to gain the inner edge.

But, as people seek out that inner edge, we believe that they will begin to view their work, their careers, in a different light. Increasingly people will no longer simply allow work environments to undermine their health. Its not that people are not prepared to work hard, they are. Rather, if someone is going to work that hard, it needs to be motivated by solving global challenges and bring greater wellness to people and the planet. We believe that organizations that will experience the healthiest workplaces in the future will be those that become destinations where people go to improve their own wellness.

The question is: What is your organization doing to facilitate this future? In fact what are you personally doing?

Inner-Fitness More than the Brain

Peter Senge is right, we should be looking at our personal state of being. Leaders and managers should be findings ways to encourage this in their teams. But this is more than practicing meditation on a cushion, more than emotional intelligence, and more than the next ‘neuro’ fad. As important as these may be, two things are crucial if we want to enhance inner-management in the workplace.

Firstly, we need to move away from inner success as hinged to the brain, our intellect. For example, there is ample research to show that much of a persons decision making processes are emotional first, and then rationalized later. Emotions may be interpreted in the mind, but they are felt, experienced in the body. Emotional Intelligence then, can be thought more accurately in practice as the intelligence of our body. The body then, is the seat of all of our experiences (our emotions, sensations, feelings, and thoughts). Therefore it is far more than a vehicle that gets us from point A to point B. What is needed is an approach to inner-management, to coaching inner fitness, that sees a person’s embodiment (i.e., all of them) as an integrative whole. In other words ‘mindbody’ needs to be treated as a single natural overarching intelligence that drives all action.

‘Being’ then as Senge suggests is about creating a deep, meaningful embodied relationship with oneself. Inner-fitness, and the management thereof both in ourselves, and our teams needs to be seen as emerging from the whole person, not simply what’s happening in their minds. Crucially, to develop meaningful, cooperative relationships in teams, is only possible when a person is able to effectively manage themselves first.

How We Unlock a Person's Inner-Fitness DNA

Secondly we need a way to teach inner management skills that doesn’t just get left in the ‘classroom.’

The late rock singer Jim Morrison noted that there cannot be any large-scale revolution unless it begins on an individual level. As he notes, “It’s got to happen inside first.” The question of course is, where do you start? What would that look like? And more importantly what would that ‘feel’ like? The Inner-Fitness DNA coaching experience explores these questions in practice. And the way we accomplish this may surprise you.

As obvious as it sounds, without a body there is no life — no success, no business — and no organizations. In other words we are far more than just our brain. True, lasting success (wellness and resilience) is therefore an embodied experience. This means that to create opportunities to learn what effectively managing oneself means under pressure and in peak performance environments, it has to be done in an embodied experiential way.  

“One must learn by doing the thing, for though you
think you know it-you have no certainty, until you try.”

― Sophocles, Ancient Greek Playwright

In other words, just talking about what should be done, or attending another ‘death by power point’ presentation at best can only lead to a surface understanding. While sitting across from an executive coach is great, you still have to personally  find a way to implement what was uncovered. Maybe you get it right, maybe you don’t!

The truth is to be truly able to manage yourself in peak performance environments you have to learn to go inside, and unlock the code of inner-management in-action. This means you have to be able to experience and apply what you are learning in real-time.  As noted earlier, we have designed a fully immersive experience where you get to experience in real-time what inner-fitness should both look and feel like.

Through a series of movement based drills that engages your entire embodied-self, coupled with current research in human performance psychology ⁠— we teach participants how to activate their inner-fitness through practicing tools and strategies in real-time action.

Imagine this for a moment…..

What if you told us that you tend to struggle keeping focused? As your coaches we then take you through an embodied drill experience where you get to witness the lack of focus you just described (no longer you saying it, but actually being it). Then, we take you through the same drill, but this time ask you to apply the inner-fitness tools we just taught you to improve your focus.


Teaching developing focus in real-time at Google - Singapore

What’s the outcome?

First you got to experience and embody the lack of focus you initially described.  But secondly and crucially, immediately afterwards through applying the inner-fitness tools we just taught you, you experience of focus improves. Knowing this now from an embodied perspective, will then give you the confidence to apply these exact same tools in the crucible of work. This is why we firmly believe our approach is so powerful.

While we educate you on the research, and theory of what we teach, you get to apply what you learn immediately.  There’s no waiting for tomorrow to try it out, or hoping it might work in the future. You get to build trust and confidence in the inner-fitness tools immediately.

“Information and accumulated knowledge have become a commodity.
What may be missing is the wisdom of what to use and when.”

― Gregory Stebbins, Founder of PeopleSavvy

We teach the 'what' and the 'when' of inner-fitness — so that you know exactly how to purposefully show up with clarity, presence and composure in peak performance environments